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Here's some GOOD NEWS... The Shipping Charges are Easier!!!


We are trying very hard to figure out the most cost effective way
for you to get the most out of your Money - the BEST plan we've come up with is this:  
A single set of 4 steps - will run $7.95 to ship.
& if you want to buy a bunch of bolts - up to 40 - it will STILL be $7.95 to ship.

The good news is - you'lll never get charged over $13.95 for your order.
We just can't see charging the flat rate of the bigger box,
to the ones placing smaller orders - doesn't sound right, doesn't feel right -
that's why many got partial refunds on their shipping charges.

We've studied the shipping charges, size and weight limits,
the reasons why the Shopping Cart was charging additional shipping
for each additional different type of item -
Then overhauled the shipping calculations for the Website.

I think we really got it figured out - Finally

We learned a lot, so I'll share some ordering Tricks with You...
Here are some examples of how the cart works:

The Cut-off Amount is $110
If your order comes in at approx. $100, the items should fit in the Small
"Flat Rate" box, which ships for $7.95.
If your order is under $110 but needs a bigger box,
we'll pick up the difference!

For Instance:

4-Step Set: $55.00   -  (2 of these (or 1 & 40 bolts) fit in the small box)
5-Step Set: $68.75   -  (and up to 3 pks of bolts fit in the small box)
6-Step Set: $82.50   -  (and up to 2 pks of bolts fit in the small box)
1-Step Set:  $17.50  -  (any combination of these items up to $110 fit)
Bolt 10-Pk:  $9.95    -  (up to 11 of these fit in the small box)

These are just some of the combinations available,
to give you the idea of how creative ordering can work in your favor.
Just remember "100"

On the other hand, we're certainly ready to help with larger orders -
"We've long advised customers to Buddy Order
You can get a LOT of Steps & Bolts in that $13.95 box!

If you order with a couple of Buddies and split the shipping among you,
The shipping is only a few bucks for each of you...

While working on this, we also simplified the Order Page, & hopefully the Check-out process.

Now, you just click the "Add to Cart" button,
which will open a new window with the Shopping Cart -
Check that your item is there, and if you'e ordering other items,
click the "Continue Shopping" button, which will close the window,
but not loose your order information.
Continue this process until you've got all your items in the cart.

The Quantity will be "1" by default - Just change the quantity to what you want to order.
All items' quantities can be changed right up to when you click The final "Pay Now" button.

One more improvement - you don't have to have a PayPal account
to place an order Anymore!  

PayPal can process your credit card information securely -
without having to create a PayPal account!

And Finally, Apologies...
For the confusing shipping double charges that have been occurring -
We've been trying to chase the bugs out of the system...

We think we've got a handle on it now - so if you run into any problems
Let us know!  We'll make any corrections needed.